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We Care About the Health of Our Trees in Tyler, TX

Tree pruning and regular tree trimming is an excellent way to keep your trees immaculate

Tree pruning involves removing overgrown or dead branches from your trees to promote healthy growth. If you're a property owner, this is a wise service to invest in because it enhances the look of your yard while keeping your building safe. If you're looking for a trustworthy tree trimming company in Tyler, TX, look no further than M. A. Garcia Tree Service Inc. We'll neatly manicure your trees to reveal a beautiful finish.

We're proud to offer free estimates to residents of Tyler, TX. Call 903-595-5009 today to schedule your tree pruning service.

Little known facts about tree maintenance

Keeping your trees well-maintained means understanding how to keep them healthy. Check out these interesting facts about trees:

  • Mistletoe is actually poisonous to trees
  • Pruning is used to increase flower growth
  • Younger trees should be pruned regularly
Investing in tree trimming services is one of the best things you can do for your property. If you're in Tyler, TX, call us now for your free estimate.